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How to make our cornbread in a skillet

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Blueberry or Orange Cranberry muffins

Alarm clocks begin to ring at much earlier times, as children and parents alike start the busy school year! During this time of the year, mealtimes become abbreviated and sometimes rushed! Mornings are always a challenge, as sleepy eyed kids seem to struggle out the door. After a full day, they then come barreling in, starved and looking for snacks!     This is when Marie Callender’s Gourmet Products shine most! Why? Well, aside from the convenience, perfect portion sizes and variety of options, they also happen to be quite delicious! Pair up a piece of fruit with one of Marie Callender’s Blueberry or Orange Cranberry muffins and you have a scrumptious menu option for breakfast or after school snack! Marie Callender's Pancakes and Biscuits offer more ways to start the day and let’s not overlook Marie Callender’s Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies! These are also great ideas for bake sale options that will soon be on the list of things to do! Add Marie Callender’s Cornbread to your dinner entrée and supper time won’t feel so difficult to pull together! Be sure to also visit the recipes section of Marie Callender’s Gourmet Products website for ideas on ways to utilize all products in new and exciting cooking options! Back to school time never tasted so good – and it’s all with the help of Marie!