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How to make our cornbread in a skillet

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Microwaveable Tips


General Tips: When baking muffins it is necessary to place the muffin pan on an inverted plate, this allows for the middle of the product to get baked evenly. Make sure to not overcook the product, it will result in a dry and hard mix. For Appliances: Remember home ovens are not designed to be operated on a continual basis. It will take longer to cook something the more you use your microwave. These ovens are designed for 3 to 4 time usage per day. Larger, older and lower wattage ovens will take longer to cook. Always use a microwave safe turntable when baking in microwave. When using a loaf or 8x8x2 pan, always have a one inch gap between turntable and baking pan. (An inverted plate works well) Never bake products other than muffins, without a one inch rise from turntable to pan or product will not bake correctly.