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A Little Side Action for Dinner


There are times when the thought of coming up for something unique, yet delicious for dinner seems like the most difficult task a mother could undertake. But, the key to a spin on dinner is getting a little side action happening. How you ask? Well, think about it. Sides really can create different variations in a meal also!           Or, think of it this way – we are busy. Yes, we love to eat, and we enjoy nothing better than a meal well done. But we simply don’t have the time to labor over any kind of involved, ingredient-intensive entrees. And, as with so many scheduling conflicts in life, who has time to try new recipes every day?  But, jazzing up side dishes can do just that! Like putting a new dress on an old doll. So we’re keeping the excitement at home these days by introducing a little side action―side dishes, that is. The main course, we’ve learned, doesn’t always have to be the main event. Inventive sides like Bacon Corn Bread, Broccoli Corn Bread, or Cajun Corn Bread Surprise can transform mealtime standbys into real standouts. They’re quick and easy, too! For more ideas and recipes, visit